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Most Specialty Bulbs are hardy and establish easily in perennial borders, among shrubs and roses and even in formal lawns. The early bloomers s.a.; crocus, chionodoxa and scilla create excitment even before the rest of the garden comes alive.

Big ornamental onions (Alliums) generally do finish the show. They can play a starring role in large-scaled perennial borders, even after they bloomed. Allium christophii – but also Allium schubertii, A. atropurpureum, A. Mount Everst , A. ‘Globemaster’ and A. 'Purple Sensation'– turn into conspicuous dried flowers that provide as much ornamental value as the original flowers. The plant palette in these borders can be limited. Use perennials as,Echinacea purpurea 'Magnus' and Echinacea pallida and ornamental grasses that, as the Alliums, remain decorative after flowering, long into the autumn.

Allium foliage does dies back around peak bloom time in May. Surround Alliums with perennials as Echinacea purpurea ‘Magnus’ and Echinacea pallida, Stachys, Euphorbia palustris, purple leaved Sedums or ornamental grasses to hide the foliage. The lush green ground covering foliage of Anemone coronaria will do the same, shown in picture with 'A. Mount Everest'. The colors of 'Mr. Fokker' and 'Sylphide' also coordinate well with the blue hues in other Alliums.

Allium karat. 'Ivory Queen' is a short stemmed variety with broad dark gray foliage. A great match with Aster Macrophyllus. While the two plants grow at the same rate, they create great foliage contrast. The Allium blooms are still visible and no worry of unattractive foliage afterwards.

Alliums are classified as spring-flowering bulbs because they are planted preferably in October- November before the winter sets in. They prefer a location with good drainage and half to full sun. Plant about 10 to 15 allium bulbs per square yard to create an optimal effect.

Design Themes - Outstanding, Alliums and PerennialsDesign Themes - Outstanding, Alliums and Perennials
Design Themes - Outstanding, Alliums and Perennials Design Themes - Outstanding, Alliums and Perennials Design Themes - Outstanding, Alliums and Perennials Design Themes - Outstanding, Alliums and Perennials